Find Your Joy in the Work Place

how to enjoy work


Most people have a few days of “down time” each week. The amount of time spent doing what we do will ultimately affect how we live. For example, if we have no time to exercise, we will not live a healthy lifestyle. Without proper nutrition, we will not live a healthy lifestyle. Regardless of how much time we have set aside each week — or no time at all — we will either have morning or afternoon “infected” days, or we will live a healthy lifestyle.

It’s one thing to not eat enough, drink too much, or get too much sleep; and quite another to eat these things in very high quantities, yet still have relatively “normal” eating habits. If you are planning to get healthy, whether it is the mental, psychological, physical health, or nutrition aspect of it, you may want to look into the way that you currently “inflexible” about your diet and where your clients might be willing to go for it. I ponder these aspects with my private clients, and their regular and complimentary tips and strategies which will help a small business have a more productive and profitable day.

Building a successful private practice is all about putting your clients first in your mind and allowing them to enjoy the best of what you offer. The biggest challenge that I see business people struggling with is the fact that they simply don’t want to take control of their life. They want to find their own path full of self-directed processes and activities which will not require them to “work” and will fulfill them. Looking at this equation, then, it becomes easy to see how you can’t help your clients get what they want without taking the responsibility for their own life and circumstances. You’ve got to stop worrying about: “what’s the right thing to do”, and “how can I make it work for my clients”, and “how can I remember to do what I have to do”. As humans, you are really not designed to strive to do every small thing that comes your way. There are times when you have made decisions for reasons other than in your own best interests. And, this will just cause frustration when you try and integrate those to your business.

To help you to stop worrying about everything and find much more joy in your work, I’d like to offer you a few helpful ideas for you to think about immediately. These ideas will help you to start being more positive and hopeful about achieving your personal goals and will eventually bring into your life the joy and prosperity with which you have always been content.

If you would like to find out what I believe to be the secret of living with such great prosperity, simply ask yourself the following question: “is this in alignment with my purpose for my business as a practitioner and life in general?” When you directors emerged towards11:00 this morning and across a 12 hour day of fully alert and clear-headed moments of reflection, they can hardly imagine a more tranquil time of mental silence. A time where they considered that the road ahead should be carefully stopped before it begins to wander out of control, yet as they feel the peacefulness, it seems, they are able to steer through the most maddening moments of the day with a resounding sense of fulfillment. It’s no longer a matter of being healthy, changing up their workout routines, or even changing the route they drive, but rather a matter of paying attention for balanced moments as they become available.  When it comes to the money aspect of your business simply ask CPA firms near me to manage the money so you don’t have the stress of that too.

The next time you find yourself having a frustrating day, take a deep- Discovery breathe. Close your eyes and imagine that there is no one all Powerful beyond your mind. The question at the center of your attention is “how do we want to experience our life being in this moment?”

Imagine your life being like a microcosm of the total universe. Pick a place in that universe and see your life as it is.

Take a moment to examine the beauty and coldness of each and every moment that comes your way, for the moment, and ask yourself. “Are we living on purpose or are we serving our plan?”

If you find yourself being called to live life as fully as you can afford, ask yourself, “how is this part of this process working for me?” If it is not working well, find a better way of expressing how you are living your life.

Or: “how is each and every moment working in the flow of my life?”

What is your pattern of focusing on what is self-serving or what is “my” needs?

Ask yourself:

Is this what YOU know you must eliminate, or do I need to be cleared up, or is there some part of this process working too hard for me?”

What are my decisions and patterns in this process that “I (this part of my physical world) never want you to see”?